About JC Embroidery

I began embroidery at an early age, inspired by many of the glory box items made by my grand- and great-grandmothers. I have a wide range of embroidery interests but particularly enjoy using traditional techniques and combining these techniques into modern projects. I enjoy assisting students to master a new technique, building their confidence and to appreciate their developing talents.

As can be seen by the items pictured on this website, I take pleasure in counted thread embroidery styles, particularly those that are traditional to specific cultures, where simple fabrics and threads were combined into elaborately stitched projects that held a respected place in the household.

My other embroidery passion is goldwork and coloured metal embroidery - anything sparkly, really! Combining other mediums with the metal threads to produce modern designs with a traditional feel.

I am available as a tutor for your Guild or group, or individual lessons on a variety of embroidery techniques. You can see my current catalogue of available projects here. Please contact me with any queries.

Kind regards