Punto Antico - Rose Trellis Cushion
Punto Antico - Rose Trellis Cushion
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Punto Antico - Rose Trellis Cushion

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A classic design inspired the lovely rose trellises in many gardens around the world. The trellis, worked in four-sided stitch, satin stitch and whipped backstitch provides a simple  framework for the repeating Rose motifs.

A simple but effective repeating floral motif completed with a traditional folded hem with drawn thread ornamentation. This design can be easily adapted from a cushion to a tablemat or extended for a table runner or full tablecloth by adding or removing trellis repeats, as necessary.

Punto Antico was traditionally worked in monochromatic tones, but the subtle shades of modern coloured linens work wonderfully with the lustre of Pearl thread and delicate colour changes when using shaded threads.

A partner piece to the Rose Trellis Tablemat
Comprehensive stitch diagrams and construction instructions are included.
12 pages, A5 booklet, photographs and pattern chart or as digital download.


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