Filet Guipure - Square Doily Sampler
Filet Guipure - Square Doily Sampler
Filet Guipure - Square Doily Sampler
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Filet Guipure - Square Doily Sampler

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Embroidery on net has been around for millennia, thought to have originated from some artistic soul who worked on fishing net.

Whilst originally worked on hand-made net, the advent of net made by machine has made this technique available to more, without the need for the laborious, and rather tedious job, of making the net by hand.

Filet Guipure is a name given to net embroideries characterised by motifs the main motifs are highlighted using more prominent stitches or thicker thread.  A multitude of stitches can be used to provide the design, offering contrasts in density and texture.

This kit is for a small doily as a sampler of beginner stitches and techniques, and includes the net fabric, threads, weaving needle, and comprehensive instructions with a multitude of diagrams.

Finished size: 19 x 19 cm

18 pages, A5 booklet, photographs and pattern chart, threads, net and needle.

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