Fiori da Giardino - Classica
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Fiori da Giardino - Classica

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The Reticella provides just the touch of whimsy to the orderliness of the classic border of Caterina da’ Medici embroidery. The Reticella technique binds the fabric threads to form the mesh on which the lace is worked, giving the project the inherent strength of the linen background, whilst maintaining an airy feel to the lace against the structure of the Caterina da’ Medici border.

Reticella was traditionally worked in monochromatic tones, on pale linen. This project is the epitome of classical Reticella: monochromatic, motifs confined within each window and the design is repeating and symmetrical.

Fiori da Giardino is a set of two companion designs, presenting the same motifs with a modern twist and with a classical presentation. Check out Fiori da Giardino - Moderna.

Comprehensive stitch diagrams and construction instructions are included.

12 pages, A5 booklet, photographs and pattern chart  or as digital download. 

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