Compact Travel Needlecase with Scissors

The latest product release from JC Embroidery is this delightful little Compact Needlecase, with  haltered scissors and perfect for taking travelling.

"What travelling?" you say. Well, the plans for this little gem were well afoot prior to the unfortunate lockdowns and border closures of Covid-19;  But we can see hope of getting travel again one day soon.

This needlecase kit comes with all items required to make it: fabrics and threads (including tacking threads), needle, pins, scissors, magnetic catch and comprehensive instructions and photographs.

And at 6 x 7.5cm, with two flannel pages to hold your pins and needles is perfect for sliding into your hand luggage to keep your fingers nimble during the flight.

Yes, the scissors are airline accepted and whilst are very sharp, they come with their own attached sheath and are tethered securely to the needlecase.

Personalise the case with your initial, or make one as a special little gift for a friend.

For more details on the seven colour options available visit the Compact Needlecase product page


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