Italian Embroidery - Cutwork techniques


The Italians have such an extensive 'back catalogue' of embroidery techniques that is just asking to be explored in more detail.  This dovetails nicely with my love of counted thread techniques and making lace from linen with cutwork styles.

When I have had the opportunity over the past year I have been playing with designs and working on the samples for my latest release of project booklets. I say work, but it is not really work, love more like it! And, of course, more recently time has been available to get many projects completed.

Amongst the new projects there is something included for stitchers of all abilities; from counted only to extensive drawn thread work, large scale or small, coarse or fine - many choices available.

First up, the Punto Antico Tablemat: a classic design inspired by the beautiful tile borders seen in Italian architecture.

The tiles, outlined in four-sided stitch, are each embellished with Bullion knot designs, enclosed in a Satin stitch and Bullion knot border, and completed with a traditional folded hem with a drawn thread ornamentation.

This design can be scaled down to a cushion or sachet or up to a table runner or full tablecloth by adding or removing tile repeats, as necessary.

Visit the Punto Antico Tablemat page for more information on this project.

For those who want a little more challenge the Reticella Tablemat might just suffice.

Reticella, needle-lace formed on a fabric-based mesh, provides just the touch of whimsy to the orderliness of the classic Punto Antico surround.

The mat is bordered with a traditional folded hem and a drawn thread border heavily embellished with Bullion knot stars.  Do not be dissuaded by the Bullion knots, a little practice and you are away…

PS: You will get lots of practice with nearly 1000 Bullions in this design😊

Visit the Reticella Tablemat page for more information on this project.

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